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In Bucuresti, October 7, 2015 the Global Federation of Agrometeorological Societies was born.

GlobalFAMS is an Association formed by National / International Societies, bodies or groups that are scientifically based in the fields of agrometeorology and related sciences, and their application. The objective of GlobalFAMS is to further promote and advance all sectors of agricultural meteorology by improving international, inter-Society cooperation and partnership, exchange of knowledge and education in all the related scientific, technological, environmental, social issues.

2018 is an important year for Agrometeorology: many events have been carried out, and others are on the way. In Incheon, Republic of Korea, the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) and the President of the Commission of Agricultural Meteorology WMO, Dr Byong-Lyol Lee kindly hosted the 17th Session of the Commission.
Dr. Byong Lee and Dr. Jaecheol Nam, KMA Administrator and PR of the Republic of Korea with WMO, remarked the strong interdisciplinary of agrometeorology and the need to harmonize partnerships with national and global level institutions dealing to food production forestry, livestock and fisheries for risk governance, agro-ecosystem resilience and sustainability. Climate services and capacity development emerged as priorities, as the pending issues of securing resources, supporting infrastructures and developing technological innovations for better use of numerical weather prediction output (S2S).
Prof. Petteri Taalas, Secretary-General of WMO, recognized as well that agricultural meteorology is a benchmark to apply the study of direct and indirect weather and climate impacts on human activities, and noted the long lasting presence of agricultural meteorology in WMO, dating 1913.
Dr Hoesung Lee, Chair of IPCC-Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change- , mentioned that the demand for agricultural land would compete against the demand for land required to meet the net zero greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions goal, and that the demand for forests and land areas to allocate to bioenergy crops would increase. Agricultural productivity would thus play a crucial role in the pathways to the transition to the net zero GHGs world.
Therefore, the importance of developing science and technology to provide guidance for agricultural meteorology would be more important than ever. Ensuring food security while enhancing the capacity of agriculture for adaptation and mitigation are recognized and crucial issues to face.
The Commission elected Roger Stone (Australia) as President and Orivaldo Brunini (Brazil) as Vice-President. GlobalFAMS welcomes the new President and VicePresident, wishing them a great work, offering support and help to the work of the Commission, sharing commitment and dedication to the growth of agrometeorology in any country and in the whole world.
It is a pleasure to us to present them in the next pages. We have an interview with Roger, and some considerations on Role of the Global Federation of Agrometeorology Societies by Orivaldo, who is also our VP.

We are much more than grateful to our friend and colleague Elena Matescu, Chief Editor and Director General of National Meteorological Administration of Romania, for having made this possible. We are obliged for the opportunity, the support and the technical help provided by the Editorial Secretary Iuliana Mona Munteanu, Valentina Dumitru and Editors Valentina Dumitru, Lucian Moldoveanu, Corcodel Florica, Silvia Nastase, Corina Moldoveanu, Floroica Tudorache, Gina Ivascu.
The Gateway has been presented and distributed in Geneva in occasion of the CAgM ICT and MC Meetings at the end of November 2017, and a big appreciation was provided by the attendants.